RASKO – Abandoned 2013

One of our favourite graffiti writers, Rasko (from Russia) is back with a new video and it’s nothing short of amazing. He’s back going hard in the paint on anything he can find with his signature styles. Peep the video for the science.

Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 4.31.14 PM


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RASKO – Still Bombin’

We’ve posted up RASKO a couple of times before and we can assure you, we will again. This guy really goes hard in the paint. In this video he’s terrorizing Russian steel with his signature funk. Freshness after the jump.

Picture 1


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RASKO – Bombing In da HOOD!

We’ve posted RASKO up a couple times before and we’re definitely going to keep it up. His work is not only incredible as graffiti and as art but it’s mind blowing how detailed and big he goes in such high profile spots. Here’s a great video of him flexing his signature style.