Bordalo II – Squirrel

Portuguese artist Bordalo II recently wrapped up a new street installation in Estonia entitled “Squirrel”. The piece fittingly features a giant squirrel was created out recycled materials and installed on a wall in Tallin for the Street Art Jam Festival.


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David Burton – Matte Black Sculptures

David Burton is an American artist who creates incredible work in a variety of mediums. Specifically, his sculpture and installation work which feature recycled materials such as frames and toys are painted matte black and create a jaw dropping experience for the viewer.


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CANLOVE – Spray Paint Can Bouquets

Fine artist CANLOVE creates incredible pieces of art using discarded or recycled spray paint cans. The sculptor takes the cans chops them up and assembles them as if they were beautiful bouquets of flowers on a concrete base. A great way to send love to any graffiti aficionado.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 1.36.43 PM

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Tim Hobbelman – Animaux

Tim Hobbleman is a fine artist who creates brilliant work made from recycled materials such as auxiliary chords, turn tables and more. The sculptures are based on our favourite animals and are meticulously crafted to appear extremely realistic.

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Bordalo ii – Recycled Mural at Life Is Beautiful

One of our personal favourite artists Bordalo ii was recently in Las Vegas for the Life Is Beautiful festival thrown by Just Kids in Las Vegas. In his signature way of working, Bordalo used recycled materials found from all around the city and created a giant mural consisting of 4 dogs with a vibrant turquoise background in the background.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 10.21.09 AM

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Nazrinka Musayeva – Recycled Garbage Bag Street Art

Multidisciplinary artist Nazrinka Musayeva has recently created a new project incorporating both street art and recycled garbage bags. The piece, which is a dystopian landscape which pays homage to graffiti on trains uses polyethylene bags placed on a wall and then painted over. Here’s what Musayeva had to say about the project:

“I embrace street art in my project as it’s close to me and I believe that using this medium helps to decorate old buildings. I used garbage bags of different colors trying to give them a second life and save the environment. Polyethylene bags are very harmful to environment and we damage the environment by throwing them out without even thinking about it. I try to look at waste differently by creating works of art from it.”

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Bordalo ii – Trash Cat

Bordalo ii has recently been on an insane tear doing his brilliant recycled sculpture murals. He has recently come out with his latest creation in Portugal entitled “Trash Cat” featuring, well, just that. An “adorable” cat that’s larger than life and created out of various discarded and recycled materials.

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