Pixel Pancho – New Mural in New Jersey

Italian mural artist Pixel Pancho recently landed in New Jersey where he painted another incredible large-scale mural. The infamous street artist featured more of his epic robot characters holding a bouquet of flowers with his own take on a floral patterned background.

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Tal Avitzur – Recycled Robots

We recently had a post about an artist who created magnificent robots out of found materials and out of nowhere got a great email by another artist along the same vein. Tal Avitzur creates brilliant robots out of found materials and here’s what he has to say “I haunt the scrap and salvage yards of Southern California in search of urban detritus to create assemblage robot and sci-fi themed sculpture night lights. From a workshop full of thousands of parts, I place pieces together like a puzzle until I get a natural looking fit. I then cut, grind, drill, tap and whatever else is necessary to connect objects that were not meant to be connected.”



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+Brauer – Upcycled Illuminated Robot Sculptures

+ Brauer, is a graphic designer living in Paris. Over the past 20 years he has designed numerous album covers for French and international artists and pursued his personal artistic expression through painting, photography and sculpture. +Brauer is an artist who regularly exhibits in Paris and cities in Europe, these charming illuminated metal upcycled robots are from his series “Viva la Roboluciòn!”

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