Samuel Rodriguez – Type Face Wall Art

Samuel Rodriguez is an artist who works in several mediums including design, walls, paintings and drawing. Rodriguez was self-taught for a number of years through his experience as a graffiti artist until he later received a Bachelor in Fine Arts from California College of the Arts. Rodriguez re-constructs moments through a mix of figurative and abstract work. He has a strong interest in topographical portraiture that is inspired by social, historic, and cultural hybridity.

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Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada – Salvador Espriu Tribute

Cuban-American artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada recently paid tribute to the Catalan poet, novelist and dramatist Salvador Espriu through public intervention. This amazing tribute was created in the courtyard of the Calisay Cutural Centre in Arneys de Mar, Catalonia, Spain and the tribute consisted of 2000 opened books laid out strategically to give the illusion of a portrait of Espriu.

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