Opiemme – New Interactive Mural in Rome

Our friend Opiemme recently painted a new collective mural painted with the partecipation of 1000 children from 3 to 13 years old of the school “I.C. Via Giuseppe Messina” in Rome, Italy. The children chose negative words to be deleted by throwing eggs filled with colors in a collective performance that were accompanied by some positive words that the children suggested. The mural also represents constellation of Pisces – a symbol of renaissance.

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L7M – New Mural in Rome

Mural artist L7M (Luis Seven Martins) recently made his way out to Italy to paint a number of new walls. One of the latest editions by the Brazilian painter is an expressive and colourful bird that’s undoubtedly a new gem on the streets of Rome.


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Bordalo II – Uma Cabra

Street artist Bordalo II recently completed another installation using recycled materials in Rome, Italy. The Portuguese artist worked away near Station Termini on a piece entitled “Uma Cabra” which was organized by the Forgotten Project.


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Nosego – “Electric Breeze” @ Gallery Varsi

Our man Nosego is currently displaying some brilliant new works at Gallery Varsi in Italy. The Philadelphia artist crushes this exhibition with some of his signature surreal and vibrant work. The show will be on display until January 10th of next year (2016).

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Buff Monster – New Mural in Sardinia

Our buddy Buff Monster was recently in Rome on a tear painting murals and getting footage done for a new documentary on the the man himself by Sky Art TV. One of the murals he got down with was in Sardinia featuring his signature character styles and colour palette.


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Tara McPherson – “I Know It By Heart” @ Dorothy Circus Gallery

The incredible Tara McPherson is currently showing at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome, Italy. The solo show entitled “I Know it by Heart” is on display until September 26th, 2015.

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