Rub Kandy x Andrea Nolè – Aliens Welcome

Rub Kandy and Andrea Nole recently worked on a new wall in Potenza, Italy entitled “Waiting For Aliens”. where they painted a trackside graffiti-esque piece stating “Aliens Welcome” with a UFO having in between the letters.

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Rub Kandy – Truck Painting Installation

Street artist Mimmo Rubino, aka Rub Kandy, transformed a boring grey concrete mixing truck into a vibrant work of mobile art in 2011. The Italian painter spray-painted vivid bands of color around the drum of the mixer as it revolved on the back of the vehicle.

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Rub Kandy – One Wall to Store it All

Rub Kandy‘s latest work in Rome was made with Angelo Sabatiello and Francesca Tricca during a workshop with kids in Corviale neighborhood, an impressive 1-km building in the south-west of the city, made in the ’70 to store more than 5000 people. During the workshop Kandy taught the kids to steal slogans from the IKEA catalogue and paste them up on the walls of the neighborhood.

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