Sasha Blot – Surreal Streetart

Sasha Blot is a Russian multidisciplinary artist who creates incredible fine art and street art work. With a very surreal aesthetic, Blot uses the surroundings of where he paints to create incredible interactive mural work.


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Natalia Rak – New Mural in Moscow, Russia

Mural artist Natalia Rak recently made her way out to Moscow, Russia where she painted a new mural for Street Art Lab Festival. Rak painted a mean looking rendition of Cupid armed with revolvers and ready to shoot.

Pokras Lampas – Calligraffiti

Pokras Lampas is a modern calligraphy artist and calligraffiti ambassador who is based in St Petersburg, Russia. Lampas focuses on the intricate typography aspects of calligraphy done generally in black and white on canvas.


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Misha Most – Various Street Art Pieces

Misha Most is a graffiti artist and writer from Moscow, Russia, began to paint in 1997, at the dawn of the Russian street art movement. He is a participant of the first Moscow graffiti crew, as well as later projects – NoFutureForever, Parazit, Zachem. He has also organized major festivals, curated exhibitions and projects dedicated to different forms of street art.


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Ashesteen – Various Murals

Though we don’t know much about the artist, the man who goes under Ashesteen on Instagram creates really fresh graffiti and street art styles. From innovative mural techniques to rad melting letters, take a look at an assortment of his murals after the jump!


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Salavat Fidai – Famous Paintings in Miniatures [part II]

Salavat Fidai is an experimental artist from Russia. In one of his latest series Fidai presents his “Famous paintings in miniatures” part 2. Fidai is a huge fan of Van Gogh and brilliantly recreates some of the Dutchman’s iconic pieces on matchboxes.

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