Ryan Hewett – Expressive Portraiture

Ryan Hewett is a South African portrait artist who’s beautiful expressive paintings incorporate both abstraction and realism. Hewett’s work has been included in a number of high profiled exhibitions throughout the globe.

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Ryan McGinness – She Comes In Colours

Fine artist Ryan McGinness creates beautiful installation works and in this figurative series McGinness created neon light sculptures which depicts contoured drawings of women in various poses.

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Ryan Everson – Fear

“My most recent work comes from abstract emotional states stirred up from specific self reflective moments. These moments arise as I become more aware of myself in the present and my inability to control the future. I capture these in-between moments of self doubt and inward reflection and impose them on the viewer. […] I want the viewer to feel like they should be doing something besides just viewing. The work is begging to be activated but is frozen at its peak which accentuates the works beautiful but dark theatricality.” – Ryan Everson

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