Joan Cornellà – Solo Exhibition @ Spoke Art

Opening in just a few days (Thursday, March 3rd, 2016), Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco presents an exhibition by artist Joan Cornellà – his first ever solo show in the United States. The exhibition will be on display until March 26th, 2016.

“Through simple, wordless imagery, Cornellà is able to effectively convey all that he sees humorous with pieces often reaching on and beyond taboo subjects. The shocking results are often completely unexpected, adding to the alluring confusion of what exactly we are witnessing.”


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Felipe Pantone – “W3-Dimensional” @ Mirus Gallery [Recap]

Felipe Pantone just sent over some images from his amazing show at Mirus Gallery in San Francisco entitled “W3-Dimensional.” Take a look at a number of beautiful photos capturing the amazing use of space within the gallery of Mr. Pantone’s op-art “Ultradynamism” art style.


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Sean Newport – Various Works

Sean Newport is a San Francisco based artist whose work varies from design to sculpture. Sean was a original creators of Engine Works, an artist collective founded in 2010 in San Francisco’s historic Mission district. Working primarily as a woodworker, Sean has honed his skills as a carpenter to fine artist over the past 5 years. Conceptually, his sculptures deal with perceived notions of reality and the idea of creating a digital aesthetic through analogue processes. To achieve this, Sean manipulates wood into three-dimensional shapes, then paints and arranges them into a vibration of glowing patterns, the result is a mesmerizing display of geometric design.


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Barry McGee – “China Boo” @ Ratio3 Gallery

The infamous Barry McGee recently unveiled his new exhibition “China Boo” at Ratio3 Gallery. Featuring a ton of his classic painting, sculpture and installation work, McGee crushes another brilliant exhibition in San Francisco.


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The Creative Lives – Jeremy Fish

In the latest episode of the second season of The Creative Lives, we get a chance to take an in depth look at artist Jeremy Fish. Here’s what TCL had to say about the latest edition:

“Inspired by his traveling salesman uncle, Jeremy Fish is drawn to the road like a river to the sea. On this three week journey we follow Jeremy and his trusted van Big Mike up the Pacific Northwest on the tail end of his 2010 summer tour that took him to galleries across Europe and the Southeast United States. Jeremy created unique paintings for each city on the tour, inspired by their heritage, and tells us about his own upbring and love of art as we travel through Portland Oregon and Seattle Washington.”

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 3.11.19 PM

Richard Colman – “Faces, Figures, Places, and Things,” @ Chandran Gallery

Richard Colman has a new show titled “Faces, Figures, Places, and Things” currently on display at Chandran Gallery in San Francisco. Colman’s new body of work utilizes vast amount of brilliant pastel colours and explores the human body in surreal situations in a minimalistic aesthetic. If you’re in San Francisco be sure to check this out!

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Hueman – “Just One Moment” @ Mirus Gallery

Mirus Gallery is pleased to announce our upcoming solo exhibition “Just One Moment” by Hueman, featuring over 15 new paintings on canvas and wood. Distinct in her use of bold color and free flowing texture, Hueman compares and contrasts conflicting ideologies to create masterful works that are at once balanced and unsettling. Her latest work featured in this exhibition is a look into a singular moment in time, spliced, dissected, and manipulated through intersecting lines and planes; juxtaposing images that are simultaneously beautiful and grotesque, abstract and figurative, geometric and organic. More info and images after the jump!


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