Sarah Kelk – Various Works

Sarah Kelk is the creator and designer of the online store and design brand Hello Polly. She is also an artist. Her expressive, colourful and abstract paintings are often the starting point for other design projects. Her approach is fluid and intuitive, filling a canvas with layers of both colour and texture.

Sarah is based in Melbourne, Australia, but grew up in the South Island of New Zealand. Having spent over a decade working in the art and design industry, Sarah is finally bringing her own ideas to life on canvas.

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Sarah Brockett – Bold Bakery

Graphic designer Sarah Brockett created the Bold Bakery project as a way to impart some sassy sayings on some of our favourite sweets. Curse words and pessimistic sayings are on full display on a variety of cakes, cookies, and pies.

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Sarah Anne Johnson – Arctic Wonderland

Sarah Anne Johnson is a Canadian artist born in Winnipeg, who completed a MFA from the much esteemed Yale University with a thesis entilted “Tree Planting”. These works, “Arctic Wonderland” are outstanding. Every last image could also easily be a cover of an indy rock album. If we were a band we would definitely enquire.

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