Andy Scott – The Kelpies

Sculptor Andy Scott created two 100-foot-tall metallic sculptures of horse heads, each over 330 tons, which magnificently transforms the skyline in Falkirk, Scotland.

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Scott Everingham – Various Paintings

Scott Everingham is a Canadian artist who’s exhibited both nationally and internationally. Receiving a MFA from the University of Waterloo and an BFA from NSCAD University. His painting are extremely expressive and abstract yet the content matter (which tend to be landscapes) is ever present.

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Scott Scheidly – The Pinks

American artist Scott Scheidly has a brand new solo exhibition of his awesome new series of paintings that revolve around the colour pink. The show is opening at Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco from August 1st through August 24, 2013.

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Scott Fuller x Makerhaus – Circle of Influence

Circles of Influence – Mural at Makerhaus Seattle 2013. Art by Scott Fuller. The Circles of Influence mural was painted at Makerhaus, a membership based creative workshop designed to empower makers of all sorts. When Makerhaus approached me to do a painting in there common space my initial thought was to highlight working hands. The idea evolved from the individual working hands to highlighting the community that comes from working in a collaborative environment. Video after the jump!



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Scott Blake – Barcode Art

Scott Blake‘s art is probably some of the most innovative shit we’ve seen in a while. creating realistic portraits with each pixel of the work being represented by something from barcodes to ecstasy pills. You truly have to go to the site to see what we’re talking about. The pictures here won’t give it justice.

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