Simon Monk – Trapped Batman Print Release

One of our previous interviewees Simon Monk has recently just come out with a print release available for pre-order right now. This giclee print features 6 different paintings of his “Trapped Batman” series which are currently being shown at Context Art Fair in Miami.

trapped web page

Victoria Crayhon – Movie Matinée

Victoria Crayhon‘s photography series “Movie Matinée” is a beautiful set of manipulated abandoned movie theatre listing signs that speak of the sadness of their abandonment.

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Nir Arieli – Tension

“I can’t dance. I can’t in my room, nor in a club, let alone any kind of stage. Whenever I am forced to try, I stumble or freeze or drink enough to disappear. However, this time, for the first time, I found myself actively involved in dancing – even if by using someone else’s body.” – Nir Arieli

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