Birdo + Detroit – A Street Art Film

Our main man BirdO (aka Jerry Rugg) has been going at it hard these days. Out and about to all different sorts of cities throughout the world, but he always comes back to his main squeeze – Detroit.

In this artsy short film, Mr. Rugg tours some of his old murals and completes a new one high in the sky next to Ford Field.

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 8.45.54 AM

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Jamie Heinrich – YEUX

Jamie Heinrich has recently come out with a short film entitled “YEUX.” The artistic piece features multidisciplinary artist and previous BBB interviewee Madsteez searching to find what happened to his creative abilities after all the problems with his vision. See the stills and video after the click.

Screen shot 2015-04-08 at 11.46.19 AM

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Writing Wednesday – Dave Dean “Everything Reminds Me Of Her”

We’re back again with Writing Wednesday and yet again with another Dave Dean special. This beautiful short story is entitled “Everything Reminds Me Of Her”. The photograph is another beauty by Warren Haas.

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Writing Wednesday – Dave Dean “Some Couples”

Our man Dave Dean is back with a new Writing Wednesday. This time, he’s decided to send us over a poem entitled “Some Couples”, which was inspired by Nathaniel Rich’s “Zanesville”.



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Writing Wednesday – Dave Dean “Percocets Prevent Alzheimers”

Better late than never. We always do a Writing Wednesday on Wednesday but this time we’re late. However, we know you out there love some sweet words coming from the pen of Dave Dean. So here we are and he’s back with a new WW that are actually lyrics and not a short story. Regardless, it’s a beautiful read. Image: Alex Bierk.



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Writing Wednesday – Dave Dean: “Milk Face”

We know it’s a been a few weeks without a Writing Wednesday but we’ve all been busy doing a variety of things. But alas we’re back. Dave Dean has come back with a new (longer) short-story entitled “Milk Face”. Photograph: Warren Haas.

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