Nico Craig – New Street Installation in Montreal

Montreal based artist Nico Craig recently sent us over a new awesome installation work he recently completed in Montreal. The piece features the “Arrêt” (stop) sign multiplied over with a cursor, which gives the viewer the impression it’s a glitchy view on a computer screen.


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Sign Painters – Documentary Trailer

We here not only love hand painted signage, but do it as well. We’re super-excited for this documentary to come out for a number of reasons. All the reasons bottles down to the fact it’s going to be amazing. Here’s a look at the trailer for Sign Painters.

Trent Jansen – Cycle Sign

“These road signs come complete with all the characteristics of their previous use, including reflective vinyl labels
and the odd evidence of their life by the roadside. this not only provides character but tells the life story of this road sign, serving its public duty on the freeway.” – DesignBoom about Trent Jansen‘s work.

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