Meryl Pataky – “She Bends: Women in Neon” @ Museum of Neon Art

The Museum of Neon Art is pleased to present, “She Bends: Women in Neon” opening September 16th. The exhibition will run through February 11th. More information and images after the jump!

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Augustine Kofie – “Build From Memory” @ Galerie Openspace

One of our favourite artists Augustine Kofie has recently unveiled a new series of painting and collage work for his now solo exhibition “Build From Memory”. These new works can be seen on display at Galerie Openspace in Paris, which is on view until April 1st.

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Os Gemeos – “Silence of the Music” @ Lehmann Maupin

This upcoming September, the Brazilian graffiti twins Os Gemeos will unveil their solo exhibition at Lehmann Maupin Gallery in New York. The show entitled “Silence of the Music”, the show will continue the duo’s series of works featuring their signature characters interacting with patterns and urban environments.


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Felipe Pantone – “W3-Dimensional” @ Mirus Gallery [Recap]

Felipe Pantone just sent over some images from his amazing show at Mirus Gallery in San Francisco entitled “W3-Dimensional.” Take a look at a number of beautiful photos capturing the amazing use of space within the gallery of Mr. Pantone’s op-art “Ultradynamism” art style.


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Jaybo Monk – “Nowhere Is Now Here” @ Soze Gallery

Close friend of BBB, Jaybo Monk, recently opened up a new solo show at the Soze Gallery entitled “Nowhere Is Now Here.” The Berlin based artist brought his A-game to the gallery with a number of his abstract masterpieces.

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Jenny Morgan – “All We Have Is Now” @ Driscoll Babcock Gallery

Fine artist’s Jenny Morgan’s latest solo show entitled “All We Have Is Now” opens May 14th, 2015 at Driscoll Babcock Gallery in New York City. This will be Morgan’s second solo show with Driscoll Babcock and as per usual the artists is showing an extremely bold and powerful body of work.

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Augustine Kofie – “OFF/GRID” @ David Bloch Gallery

The title of Augustine Kofie’s 2015 exhibition OFF/GRID at the David Bloch Gallery refers to the tension that animates his work: the juxtaposition, and then synthesis, of opposing forces. This tension operates at a number of levels. In the arena of style, the vintage and the futurist collide. More info and images after the jump!

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