Wild Child – Rillo Talk

Recently we’ve been seeing a growth in 360 degree panoramic videos coming out. Well we recently got in touch with Onion Creek Productions who worked on a music video for Wild Child entitled “Rillo Talk.” This is a perfect example of innovation in 360 degree video work. The song is chilling as well. Watch the video and see some excerpts after the jump!

Screen shot 2014-07-16 at 1.57.42 PM

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Writing Wednesday – Summer Traps “Dead City Animals”

Another WW and another fantastic song by our main man Dave Dean for his forthcoming album “Summer Traps”. This song entitled “Dead City Animals”. Lyrics and ballad after the jump!



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Writing Wednesday – Summer Traps “Never Knew”

We’re back again with WW and it’s another Dave Dean special. This time we’ve got a new song entitled “Never Knew”, once again being released in anticipation for his new album “Summer Traps”. Song and lyrics after the click.



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Writing Wednesday – Dave Dean “Birthmarks”

For this Writing Wednesday we’re changing the pace up a little bit yet again. We’ve got our main man, Dave Dean back with an excellent poem entitled “Birthmarks” and for the benefit of all your ears, he’s even added in a musical element to it. So read along and listen to the beautiful sounds of the man himself.

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