Myneandyours – The Greatest of Mysteries

Our friend Myneandyours recently finished up 2016 with an incredible new mural in Dubai entitled “The Greatest of Mysteries”. The project took 32 nights, 740 man hours, 18 walls, 1840sq metres and consisted of 620 stencils, 560 clouds, 50000 stars, 288 litres of paint, 150 cans, 1 massage and a visit to A&E. The project was unveiled a few weeks ago at #meetd3 and can be found at the entrance to the car park of building 6, opposite building 9.


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123 Klan – Space Mural in Montreal

Another nice piece by the infamous 123klan OGs Scien & Klor. This mural has since been covered with new stuff so if you didn’t see it back then, here’s your chance to see what it looked like.

Space Invader – Latest Invasion in Paris, France

Freshly off his month long stay in Hong Kong for “Wipe Out”, the infamous French mosaic street artist Space Invader has already started a new wave of invasions on the streets of his hometown, Paris in France. The newest piece is above the eye-line with a character from the “Metroid” game series.

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Space Invader – More Invasions

Infamous French street artist Space Invader has recently expanded his activities to spread his work further along similar lines. The mosaic artist not only put up his signature tiled mosaics up at the European Astronaut Centre in Cologne and Euro Space Center in Belgium, but it also looks like one of his pieces has made it up with an astronaut to the International Space Station. This is all after taking his own work up to space to boot!

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Alexa Meade – New Human Installations

You’ve definitely seen Alexa Meade‘s work before. Some of her photographs have circled the internet like crazy. She’s come out with a couple new brilliant pieces in her classic style, where she paints on people and photographs them to make the three dimensional space seem two dimensional.

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Alicia Eggert & Mike Fleming – Eternity

“‘Eternity’ is a wall-mounted scupture made in collaboration with Mike Fleming. It consists of 30 Electric clocks rear-mounted to a large sheet of white acrylic. During installation, the black hour and minute hands of the clocks are aligned to spell the word “eternity”, and the clocks are plussed in to a series of power strips on the floor. The hands begin to move when the switch on the last power strip is flipped, and the word almost immediately becomes a jumble of moving black lines. “Eternity” does not reappear until the hour hands return to their originial positions twelve hours later. And even then, it lasts a mere split second.” – Alicia Eggert

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