Bloop Festival (Ibiza) – Image Recap

BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival is legion. One more time, this free celebration dedicated to people and arts spread across the party island, Ibiza. The 2016 edition showcased more than 20 murals (of which 6 were new) called the OpenAir.Gallery, 7 interdisciplinary expositions, workshops for children, almost daily sunset music sessions, guerilla video mappings, an open air poster exposition, installation bombings, sculptures, an outdoor food court, and more. All activities were curated by one single denominator “ART IS FOR EVERYBODY”. More images and information after the jump!


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Spaik45 – Various Murals

Spaik45 is a mural artist who creates incredible large-scale animal based murals and fine art work. With recent murals in France, Ecuador and Egypt, Spaik45 goes around crushing any city or town he visits.


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