Belin – Alba

Graffiti and fine artist Belin creates unbelievable hyperrealistic portrait work using only spray paint cans. The Spanish aerosol artist recently completed a new piece entitled “Alba” and documented the whole process. Peep the craziness below!


CANLOVE – Spray Paint Can Bouquets

Fine artist CANLOVE creates incredible pieces of art using discarded or recycled spray paint cans. The sculptor takes the cans chops them up and assembles them as if they were beautiful bouquets of flowers on a concrete base. A great way to send love to any graffiti aficionado.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 1.36.43 PM

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Bombing Science – Flame Paint Contest

Our buddies at Bombing Science are doing an amazing contest that entails giving away 94 cans of Flame Paint. Flame is a low-pressure paint developed by Molotow and manufactured in Europe and is now gaining a ton of momentum. The best part about this contest is how easy it is, just subscribe HERE and then you’re entered to win. Good luck!


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Case Maclaim – Various Street Art Work

Though we’ve posted up a number of Case Maclaim‘s piece before, we just stumbled across a variety of different murals we haven’t seen and we figured it was an extremely fitting post. Few have the ability to render and compose the way Maclaim does with a spray can.

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Jarus – 2014 Mural Recap

One of our favourite artists and friends of the company, JARUS, recently sent over a selection of images from last year. The email consisted of some of the best mural work we’ve seen all year that we’re definitely stoked to share. We know it’s already February but a recap is better late than never!


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Graffiti Research Lab – Spray Painting Technologies

People from the Graffiti Research Lab in France have been inventing new innovative technologies in regards to applying paint onto surfaces. Here we have a couple of videos that show the use of various machines such as leaf blowers, power drills and automated vacuum cleaners which spray out various colours of paint.

Screen shot 2014-05-06 at 12.26.47 PM


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