Lunar x Lonac – New Mural in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Street artists Lunar and Lonac recently joined forces to create a massive new piece just outside of ancient town of Dubrovnik in their native country of Croatia. The duo chipped away at the wall featuring a cartoon-like Star Wars inspired them.


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Star Wars – The Style Awakens

Graffiti artists SLIDER, BANE, GORE & SOTEN all teamed up on an incredible new Star Wars themed mural entitled “The Style Awakens.” This wall is topped with hardcore burners and featuring realistic characters, lightsabers and spaceships. Peep the video presented by Molotow below.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 12.02.36 PM

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VEW – “Fuck ISIS” Graffiti Mural

Graffiti artist VEW recently painted a Star Wars themed mural on in a New York City subway tunnel, only this piece has more to it than the iconic movie series. View decided to express some feelings about the horrible Middle Eastern terrorist group ISIS by giving them some choice words of his own. Watch the video to see the science.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 2.52.41 PM

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Travis Durden – Classical Star Wars Sculptures

French artist Travis Durden draws much of his inspiration for both his work and personal life through film. His pen name itself is based on two cult classic films and is actually not his government birth name. But in regards to his artistic practice, the French sculptor draws upon some of the world’s greatest films for inspiration. In a series based on Star Wars, Durden created classical styled marble sculptures featuring our favourite characters from the Lucas Film masterpiece.

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Sacha Goldberger – Super Flemish

French artist Sacha Goldberger combines modern-day villains and heroes with 17th century portraiture techniques. the icons of american culture from superman to wolverine are set with the same aesthetic as typical flemish fine art paintings of powerful nobles. Hand picked models uncannily resemble the characters in their movie adaptation, dressed in intricately crafted costumes reimagined to suit 17th century requirements.

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