Shi Jindia – Life-Size Wire Sculptures

Shi Jindian creates incredible precise and intricate wire sculptures that form to be the item’s actual size and shape. The Chinese artist uses steel wire to twist together these delicate and meticulous pieces, which display extreme complexity whether it be a vehicle or an instrument.

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Graffiti artists WANE, STEEL, RISK, DMOTE, SEVER & ATOM were in San Francisco recently and got busy on a wall in all of their signature styles in the SF Mission District. Video after the jump!

Screen shot 2014-10-07 at 8.33.10 AM

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The Seventh Letter – Los Angeles

The Seventh Letter videos are back and this one filmed on Los Angeles has a stacked line up of some of the most famous names in graffiti that are pushing the envelope today. With a list of guys such as KEMS, STEEL, JURNE and TRAVER, this video is guaranteed to please.

Screen shot 2013-11-04 at 9.09.34 PM


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Johnson Tsang – Surreal Sculptures

Johnson Cheung-shing Tsang is a Hong Kong-based sculptor specializing in ceramics, stainless steel sculpture and public art work. Tsang’s work comments on the issues of “human beings” and “objects”. Since 1993, Tsang’s works have been exhibited internationally in galleries from Hong Kong to Switzerland.

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