Steve Powers “Visual Blues” @ Alice Gallery in Brussels

Steve Powers aka “Espo” just opened a new solo show on May 18, 2013, entitled “Visual Blues” at Alice Gallery in Brussels. In Powers’s own words, “I’m in awe of the power and the reach of music. To compete with the majesty of music, I make paintings that are visual blues. I distill my everyday experience into paintings I call Daily Metaltations. They are painted very fast, fresh from the epiphanies that inspired them. The larger paintings draw from those metaltations and go to a deeper understanding of the transactions we make everyday to live our lives.”

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Steve Locatelli – Various Murals

Steve Locatelli‘s an artist who’s got an incredible range of work in the painting department. They way he renders things so well but also adds a modern flare and colourful abstract elements to really bring the pieces together. We can assure you this won’ be the last time we post this guy up.

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Motorcycle Monday – Triumph Bonneville “The Great Escape”

“Based on the classic T100 and inspired by the Trophy TR6 McQueen rode during the stunt scene from The Great Escape, the Triumph Bonneville T100 Steve McQueen Edition Motorcycle ($TBA) will be limited to just 1,100 bikes, and features a Matt Khaki Green paint job, the late actor’s signature on the side covers, a solo seat, blacked out headlamp, luggage rack, wheel rims, hubs, handlebars, rear springs, mirrors, and mudguard supports, and arrived individually numbered, with a plaque on the handlebar clamp and a certificate of authenticity.” – Uncrate

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Steve Powers – Studio Gangster

“I’ve known Steve Powers for years and he never fails to impress or surprise. I told him that we wanted to do a New Yorkers feature on him and he told me to come to a new address in Brooklyn that I’ve never been to. When I arrived, I was surprised to see that he had set up shop in a 5000 square foot space in downtown Brooklyn. Even more intriguing, but in character for Steve, was that he had somehow convinced some community board to provide this space to him for free. Like the title of his book, Steve is a master of ‘The Art of Getting Over’.” – Moonshot Productions

Steve Bella – More Light To Come

Steve Bella‘s light painting series entitled “More Light To Come” is an excellent way to push the boundaries of the super-popular long exposure photography method. The light resembles orbs glowing the in middle of these dingy caves. Bringing light to the dark.

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