Ian Strange (aka Kid Zoom) – Surburban

SUBURBAN is a multifaceted photography, film and installation exhibition created by artist Ian Strange. Over a two year period Strange worked with a film crew and volunteers in Ohio, Detroit, Alabama, New Jersey, New York and New Hampshire to create, photograph and film eight site specific interventions incorporating suburban homes. The recording of these interventions through film and photographic documentation forms the basis of new a solo exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria on July 26 and a short-film which will be released in late 2013.

Screen shot 2013-07-16 at 1.12.32 PM


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Akatre – Bizarre Photography

There’s absolutely no information that we’ve found on the artist Akatre other than his or her Tumblr page. However, the works on the page are awesomely strange. Looks like mainly portrait photography work with some serious flare. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it.

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Christian Rex van Minnen – Surreal Painting

Christian Rex van Minnen is a multi-disciplinary artist born in 1980 in Providence Rhode Island. Van Minnen received his BA from Regis University, Denver, Colorado in 2002. His works are beautiful and surreal and created with such technical skill. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

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