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Lila is a special and unique graffiti video featuring a ton of trains on the outskirts of Malmö. Train writers from local crews such as MRD and OBH crush lay ups in Sweden but also crews from Berlin, Copenhagen, Vienna, Paris and Italy do their thing. Peep some flicks and the hour long video after the jump!

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The Nuart Festival in Stravanger, Sweden is in full effect and features a ton of incredible artists working hard to provide the city with lots of amazing visuals. With a ton of artists like Andreco, MaisMenos, Mathieu Tremblin, John Fekner, and Fra.Biancoshock, Borondo, Tilt, SpY, Icy & Sot, Strok, and MaisMenos all creating work for our viewing pleasure. Here we have a number of gallery installations by some of the artists mentioned that are extremely innovative and mind blowing.

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