Scaner x Empire – Interior Design/Street Bombing

Scaner1 from Montreal is back at it again. A beautiful interior design attack in Empire skate shop in downtown Montreal and a video of some good old fashion street bombing to boot. Peep pics and video after the jump!

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Tags and Throws – Bombing With Guns

“It’s time for some more live action here on This time with super dedicated graffiti bomber Guns from the United States of America. TagsAndThrows got the chance to follow Guns around the streets of New York and Puerto Rico when making his name famous. This is how that shit looks.” – Tags and Throws

Feature – Block By Block Ink

If you haven’t gone through the 4th issue there was a lot of great content. Here we are bringing out an excerpt from the main man at Block By Block Ink, SIZEO. He’s got a lot of great things to say and great photos too boot.

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GESO – Installation for “No End in Sight”

Infamous graffiti artist GESO has a new show coming up at Conley Art Gallery entitled “No End in Sight”. Here’s a first glimpse into the show with a video of him creating a mural. The mural is inspired by the truest for of graffiti, handstyles. And damn, does GESO have handstyles for days.