Mathieu Tremblin – Legible Graffiti

Mathieu Tremblin is a Strasbourg based artist who implements graphic processes of intervention inspired by anonymous, autonomous and spontaneous practices and expressions in urban space in order to question the systems of legislation, representation and symbolization of the city.

In a recent project to help the average passerby understand, read and interact with graffiti tags on walls, doors or other facades. Using some classic graffiti techniques and of course far more legible letters, Tremblin hilariously turns vandal lettering into simplistic typography.


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The dudes at Element Tree and Art Primo are at it again. This time the video is filmed and edited by Deep Water Serske Sun and has got graffiti writer ACROE getting up around town with some classy hand-styles.

Screen shot 2013-07-23 at 5.05.44 PM


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Tags and Throws – Bombing With Guns

“It’s time for some more live action here on This time with super dedicated graffiti bomber Guns from the United States of America. TagsAndThrows got the chance to follow Guns around the streets of New York and Puerto Rico when making his name famous. This is how that shit looks.” – Tags and Throws