Jeff Klarin – Future Fossils

Jeff Klarin is a fine artist who also founded the art collective, Bughouse and creates incredible sculptural work. In a recent series entitled “Future Fossils”, the artist created every sculpture as a hand-cast and aged piece. Each piece is meant to represent the temporal nature of all things. Objects and tools that we may have used or were historically important in their time.


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Leonard Ulian – Technological Mandalas

Multimedia artist Leonard Ulian has recently created a number of new mandalas using a variety of soldered radio and computer components. Typically the mandala is traditionally known as a spiritual and ritual symbol in both Hinduism and Buddhism meant to represent the universe.

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Graffiti Research Lab – Spray Painting Technologies

People from the Graffiti Research Lab in France have been inventing new innovative technologies in regards to applying paint onto surfaces. Here we have a couple of videos that show the use of various machines such as leaf blowers, power drills and automated vacuum cleaners which spray out various colours of paint.

Screen shot 2014-05-06 at 12.26.47 PM


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Chris McVeigh – Minimalist Lego Sculptures

Designer Chris McVeigh creates brilliant minimalist sculptures of various technology systems such as video game consoles, cameras and television sets. Most of which are retro and outdated yet still incredibly beautiful.

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SoKANNO x YANG02 – Senseless Drawing Bot

Japanese artist/designer duo SoKANNO and yang02 have created a drawing bot about a year ago and it has developed now into a full fledged extinguisher-esque destruction machine. If only it had a mind of its own so you could just set it up and let it ride.

Klangfiguren – Material Tweet

Klangfiguren is a collective of artists founded in 2009 by German Lukas Till Höh and Beutling (Daniel Dormann joined them in 2011) who produced works combining computer programming, video screenings and collaborations with different artists.

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Michael Tompert – Must Haves

Well, it’s safe to say few of us have nuts the way Michael Tompert does. He buys up the latest goodies that people wait in line for hours and spend hundreds of dollars for and then smashes or explodes the hell out of them. The result is too cool. The photographs are by Paul Fairchild.

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