Nobu Tary – Lego Masterpieces

Japanese LEGO master Nobu Tary creates incredible sculpture work using only our favourite childhood toy and some imagination. From Homer Simpson to slices of pizza, Tary creates amazing pieces that’ll make your head spin.


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Casey NB – Borrowed Lines

Casey NB, also known as Borrowed Lines is a Sydney, Australia based fine artist who created incredible Simpson’s based embroidery. Taking inspiration from scenes both new and old, the textiles are perfectly rendered and make any Simpson’s fan nostalgic.


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Ivan Dixon and Paul Robertson – Simpsons Pixels

Animators Ivan Dixon and Paul Robertson recently made a number of animated GIFs featuring all of our favourite Simpsons characters bouncing around. On top of the funky little loops, the duo hooked up with musician Jeremy Dower to created an 8-bit version of our favourite cartoon intro. Watch the video after the jump!

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Jerkface – The Donut Mobile

The infamous New York City mural painter Jerkface is back with another Simpsons-themed piece entitled “The Donut Mobile” which was recently completed in Queens. As per usual the NY artist uses one of our favourite pop icons, bold color and clean lines.

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Kylie Mangles – Ralph Wiggum Cake

Canada-based cake designer Kylie Mangles (Freshly Squeez’d) captured the most uncanny details in this edible sculpture that looks almost like an illustration. Mangles decided to recreate an illustration by Erick Flores entitled “Cutout Ralph.” The image is half likeness and half dissected body of Ralph Wiggum from The Simpsons.

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