Versus Project S04E01: Trus X MTN Hardcore2

Launched by Montana Colors, The Versus Project uncovers the new range of colors of the MTN Hardcore 2, tested and approved by experienced and recognized writers. The idea is very simple, guest artists choose the color they prefer to do their piece, together with the traditional black for outlines and white for highlights. For the first episode of the fourth season, joined the German TRUS to paint the Berlin subway with the Green Element RV-253.

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Pfeilspitze – Banditi d’Italia

In this video we have German graffiti writers Soker, Dais and Sky painting a train in north Italy in the dark of the night. More images and video after the jump!

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Lila – Full Movie

Lila is a special and unique graffiti video featuring a ton of trains on the outskirts of Malmö. Train writers from local crews such as MRD and OBH crush lay ups in Sweden but also crews from Berlin, Copenhagen, Vienna, Paris and Italy do their thing. Peep some flicks and the hour long video after the jump!

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Left Out x Out of Line – Nobody’s Business

With the anticipation of the dropping of their new book “Nobody’s Business”, Out of Line and Left Out present a trailer for a video where a number of writers are crushing trains in Denmark, Belgium and Italy. Pics and video after the jump!

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Iz The Wiz – Trailer 2014

A new film is set to release this year about Iz The Wiz, one of the most famous graffiti writers to ever touch a spray can. The documentary was Filmed by Pulse, edited and Grading by Bunny Bread, and narrated By Homeboy Sandman.

Screen shot 2014-02-20 at 1.47.30 PM


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We will let the disclaimer and video speak for itself for this video. DISCLAIMER” “Intrång does not encourage graffiti writers in any way. We just give the artists a place to exhibit their work, or their expression. All content has been send to us anonymously and we do not keep any contact information. We can not be held responsible for any of the actions shown on this website.”

Screen shot 2014-02-13 at 1.37.27 PM


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