Shuck 2 – New Mural in UAE

Graffiti artist Shuck2 recently completed a new mural in the United Arab Emirates for the Ajman Murals Street Art Project. The French artist worked hard under the intense sun to create one of his largest 3D piece to date. The piece reads Ajman for the festival itself combined with Shuck’s signature graffiti elements.

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1010 – New Mural in Berlin

1010 recently made his way out to Berlin where he painted for the famous Urban Nation. Using his signature illusion style, the German street artist crushed a massive side of a building adding an almost anamorphic effect to his trompe l’oeil style.


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Truly Design – Griffin

Artist collective Truly Design recently unveiled their latest mural which was an optical illusion artwork painted at Magic City Life Festival in Dresden.⠀The amazing exhibition opened this October 1st and shows the work of over 40 street artists from 21 countries.


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1010 – New Mural in Detroit, MI

Globetrotting artist 1010 recently made his way out to Michigan for the latest edition of Murals in the Market in Detroit’s Eastern Market. The German artist painted a stunning new piece entitled “Abyss” featuring his signature vibrant layered aesthetic that entrances the viewer into feeling as if they’re being sucked into another realm.


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Astro ODV CBS – Illusion Graffiti Walls

French graffiti artist Astro has been making his mark on walls since the year 2000 and has been pushing the envelope in regards to how the viewer interacts with piece. The Parisian writer has made a ton of new walls which feature a trompe l’oeil aesthetic where it gives the illusion as if the piece is disappearing into the abyss.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 2.44.45 PM

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1010 – Crystal Ship Festival in Belgium

Street artist 1010 has recently been out in Belgium where he got busy on a new wall for the Crystal Ship Festival. Alongside a number of other artists, 1010 crushed a new piece on a stale blank wall adding some nice colour to the building using his trompe l’oeil aesthetic.


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