Roid MSK – Truck Mural in Hong Kong

Graffiti artist Roid of the MSK crew recently was out in Hong Kong where he got busy on a cube truck. The British artist used his spray cans like a stippling brush, where he painted tiny little dots on the piece to ad shade and dimension. Roid has long been known for innovative techniques and this is no different.


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Askew x Berst – “Mad Society Kings x The Most Dedicated” [Video]

Graffiti artists Askew and Berst recently teamed up on some back to back murals on a cube truck. Being members of the TMD and MSK crews the duo painted the crew names multiple times on each side of the truck. The video is shot and cut by Siobhan Knatan and music by Sysyi. Peep vid below!

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.32.16 AM

Jerkface – The Donut Mobile

The infamous New York City mural painter Jerkface is back with another Simpsons-themed piece entitled “The Donut Mobile” which was recently completed in Queens. As per usual the NY artist uses one of our favourite pop icons, bold color and clean lines.

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Rub Kandy – Truck Painting Installation

Street artist Mimmo Rubino, aka Rub Kandy, transformed a boring grey concrete mixing truck into a vibrant work of mobile art in 2011. The Italian painter spray-painted vivid bands of color around the drum of the mixer as it revolved on the back of the vehicle.

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Rub Kandy – We Trust

One of our favourites (an previous interviewee) around these parts, Rub Kandy, is back with a new street painting installation. This piece entitled “We Trust” was painting in Brooklyn, NYC and the photographs were taken by Agnes Fecher.



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