Kevin Cyr – “Hommage” @ Matthew Namour Gallery [Recap]

As we posted up the promo flyer for the show a little while ago, our friends over at Matthew Namour Gallery are well under way on their show entitled “Hommage” by Kevin Cyr</a>. The show features beautiful painting and drawing work by Cyr which is rooted in the graffiti and street art landscape of Montreal. If you haven’t made it out there yet and you’re in Montreal, be sure to stop by before it closes on October 30th!


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Kevin Cyr – “Hommage” @ Matthew Namour Gallery

The Matthew Namour Gallery is pleased to present a new solo exhibition from Kevin Cyr.

Cyr’s first solo show in Montreal pays Hommage to what gives the city its unique & vibrant character. This new series of paintings uses the imagery of Montreal’s modern day workhorses to talk about the space : “One can tell a lot about an area by the types of vehicles seen on its streets”.

The opening will be Thursday, September 29th 2016 from 6 – 9 PM. Don’t miss this one if you’re in Montreal on those dates.


Chris Labrooy – Tales of Auto Elasticity

Chris Labrooy’s magnificent series entitled “Tales of Auto Elasticity” has vehicles doing the impossible. Vibrantly-colored pickup trucks are stretched, twisted, and turned bending the imagination. The images you see here are from Labrooy’s imagination, and he digitally manipulates the trucks into the unbelievable shiny sculptures that we see here.

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Ben Long – Dirty Truck Murals

UK artist Ben Long has created a series entitled ‘The Great Traveling Art Exhibit’, where he “paints” elaborate images on dirty the back doors of trucks. The ongoing project aims to bring art to the public and make it more relatable than the elitist nature of large museums and galleries.

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