Truly Design – Mural Installations for Fondazione Forma ONLUS

Our friends over at Truly Design recently sent over a new project they just wrapped up that looks incredible good and also beneficial for those who use it. Peep more photos after the jump and here’s what the collective says about the project:

“In the past weeks we’ve been working on heaps of projects but this one haps perhaps been the most satisfying.

OIRM, Ospedale Infantile Regina Margherita, is among the most advanced health facilities focused on child care in Italy and is based in Turin, our hometown.

Before this experience, we could only imagine how much a MRI scan machine could be uncomfortable with its obnoxious noise, but we had no real idea of how scary it was for the hospital’s young guests.

So, we were invited by Fondazione Forma ONLUS to decorate the waiting room, the hallway, and the examination room, creating a rich world of colors and characters, in order to distract children and soothe their anxiety before the exam, as this helps hospital staff reduce medication needed to keep the children calm and still during the exam.

The MRI machine is now a starship ready to transport the kids through their challenging trip: we were glad to see some of them smile while leaving the room!”

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Truly Design – Griffin

Artist collective Truly Design recently unveiled their latest mural which was an optical illusion artwork painted at Magic City Life Festival in Dresden.⠀The amazing exhibition opened this October 1st and shows the work of over 40 street artists from 21 countries.


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Truly Design – “Truth Depends On Where You See It From” @ MEF – Ettore Fico Museum

The boys over at Truly Design collective have recently been busy arranging their current exhibition entitled “Truth Depends On Where You See It From” at MEF – Ettore Fico Museum in Turin. The show opened March 10 and will run until June 26, 2016. More images and information after the jump.


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Truly Design – Anamorphic Mural in Stabio, Switzerland

Artist collective, Truly Design, has come out with their latest anamorphic mural. The piece is an abstract circle and was created for The North Face and Vans brands at their European headquarters located at VF Corporation in Stabio, Switzerland.


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Rems182 – “TENSIONE ASTRATTA” @ Punto618 Art Gallery

Rems182, is a multidisciplinary artist and member of the amazing Truly Design crew. Rems182 has recently unveiled “TENSIONE ASTRATTA”, his new exhibition at Punto618 Art Gallery in Venaria Reale, Turin, Italy.

In “Tensione Astratta” Rems182 fuses graffiti writer language with modern figurative art experience in perennial tension towards abstract disaggregation.

The exhibition will be open until December 8th 2015. Photo Credits: Roberto Buratto.


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Truly Design – Callisto and Arcas

Mural artists Truly Design presents three interconnected ‪‎anamorphic graffiti called “CALLISTO AND ARCAS” painted at Scuola Holden – School of Storytelling & Performing Arts in Turin, Italy. The murals each have a story attached to them. Look and read below and after the jump!

Juno punishes Callisto for the betrayal with Jupiter transforming her into a bear:


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