Portlandia – Everything’s An Art Project

This isn’t necessarily the sort of stuff we post, meaning that we don’t usually blog excerpts from television shows. However, we thought that this Portlandia skit is unbelievably fitting and appropriate commentary on the art world now and it really just takes someone with a big of status to point it out. We think you’ll enjoy it and hopefully not get too offended.

Mock Seinfeld Movie Posters

It’s a little bit out of what we normally post, but if you’re as big of Seinfeld fans as we are here then you’ll know how exciting it is to see these posters that are mock ups of all the made up movies the characters in the show go to. Some of them we may have done differently and they’re missing a few good ones, but that’s just being super critical. These things are friggin’ incredible!

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RETNA is definitely one of the most influential graffiti artist of modern times, but also sounds like a very level-headed and intelligent individual. Here is a mini-documentary of him preparing work for a show at MOCA. It talks to him about a number of issues that are definitely worth a strong listen.