Buff Monster – New Mural for UpFest Bristol

Street artist Buff Monster is currently in the UK where he wrapped up a new piece for UpFest in Bristol. His latest piece spans a few stories high and features his signature melty characters interacting with one another. Buff will also have an opening tomorrow night in London at Stolen Space gallery.

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Roid MSK – New Mural in Sheffield, England

Multidisciplinary artist Roid MSK (aka Willis82), recently wrapped up an insane new mural in Sheffield, UK. In collaboration with the B & B Gallery and painted for Feature Walls SHF, Roid went massive using his signature vibrant palette and typography styles.


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Birdo – New Murals in England

Our man Birdo, also known as Jerry Rugg, recently made his way out to England for UpFest and while he was there he got super busy on a number of new walls. Painting with the likes of Fanakapan and Louis Masai, the Toronto based artist definitely made his presence known in the UK.


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Ian Kirkpatrick – Various Sculptures

Ian Kirkpatrick is a Canadian contemporary artist and graphic designer currently based at East Street Studios in Leeds, UK. Kirkpatrick has been exhibiting my work across the UK and internationally, with shows in Montreal, New Orleans, London, Berlin, Rotterdam, New York and Chicago. Here’s a further statement by the artist about his work:

“My work explores the sculptural and communicative potential of commercial packaging design. I’m interested in the ways that everyday disposable products can be used to express society’s myths, fears and obsessions—recalling the ritualistic function of ancient decorative vessels such as Greek vases and Egyptian sarcophagi. My sculptures collapse and travel in their own plinths, and are easily assembled into ‘instant’ exhibitions that reflect the parallel aesthetics of museums, galleries and department stores.”


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Dotmaster – Astroy Boy Print

Back in November last year Dotmasters painted a giant Astro Boy, the second of his walls as part of Croydon Mural Project & adding to his TOY series. Today he takes his homage to the legendary manga character a step further with the release of a new print.

Printed at the wonderful Mesh silkscreens on 375 gsm Lambeth cartridge stock 100% cotton rag with a wapping 12 colours it comes as an edition of 50, signed numbered and embossed.
The size of the print is 90cm x 35cm and is a partnership print with Attollo art.
Available online now at http://dotmaster.co.uk/shop/astroboy-print/.


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Stuart Griggs – Psychedelic Paintings

Stuart Griggs an artist of the imaginal. He works with interior narrative, symbol and intention as a way to visually portray the numinous. Griggs’s work is an exploration into the nexus of drawing and digital art, synthesising the two approaches into an idiosyncratic visual language. It is a journey into the creative process that immerses & probes into the psychic pool of collective archetypes.

Multidimensional spaces & symbols weave together to explore and manifest the primordial & the transpersonal, resonating with a profound sense of awareness of our unity & interconnection.
Themes of sacred divinity, fertility, ritual, flow, transcendence & healing are synergising through the imagery as he allows a tacit sense of the numinous to unfold and transmit.

Griggs’s work expands and interacts in our globally connected environment. It is cross cultural fusion that utilises new technology while integrating archaic elements, shamanic motifs and stylistic influences from, symbolism, surrealism, abstraction, and contemporary illustration. It mirrors our times, with a boundary dissolving shift in perspective. In a time of socio political and environmental crisis the works message offers a paradigm of interconnectivity and healing within ourselves and nature.


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Mark Powell – Drawings on Recycled Material

UK based illustrator Mark Powell creates detailed and meticulous ink drawings on recycled materials. The London based artist uses discarded maps, post cards and envelopes as the base for photorealistic monochromatic portrait illustrations.


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