Shane O’Malley – Various Murals

Shane O’Malley began as a Graffiti writer and still paints walls, although his developing practice as an artist has led to a variance and evolution in the content of his murals. Street Art remains a central priority and passion to the artist. He has an extensive catalogue of Graffiti art and outdoor paintings, which he adds to on a regular basis.

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Buff Monster – New Mural for UpFest Bristol

Street artist Buff Monster is currently in the UK where he wrapped up a new piece for UpFest in Bristol. His latest piece spans a few stories high and features his signature melty characters interacting with one another. Buff will also have an opening tomorrow night in London at Stolen Space gallery.

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James Reka – New Mural in London

Mural artist James Reka (aka Reka One) recently completed his latest artwork which was just completed on the streets of Shoreditch in East London. His latest piece entitled “The Union Jack”, in on a recurring wall that the Aussie artist has been painting every year and is a British themed wall showing thematic elements in the aftermath of Brexit.


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Alex Jenkins – Various Illustrations

Alex Jenkins is an illustrator/cartoonist from the suburbs of South London who graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in 2015 having studied an Illustration BA. Jenkins describes his work as exploring satirical and critical subject matter through a distinctive and vivid style.

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Steam156 – London Graffiti Tours

Our man and recent BBB interviewee, Steam156, is on a mission to bring the best and brightest in graffiti and street art on the streets of London by taking you on a graffiti tour. Steam156 is the legendary graffiti and street art documenter with over 28 years experience of documenting graffiti art around the world. He is also the author of the highly rated books “100 UK Graffiti Artists” and “Street art London.” If you want to see more information about his new endeavour visit the website and book a tour now!

Screen shot 2015-02-25 at 9.39.24 PM

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