Chifumi – Various Urban Interventions

Chifumi is a Kiev born artist who was raised in the Rhine Valley and now currently based in Cambodia. Chifumi is a multidisciplinary artist who creates crisp and graphic work in a variety of mediums. Here we have some brilliant graffiti influenced street art pieces that he’s labeled as “Urban Interventions” from the years 2014-2015.


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Mr Aryz – New Mural in Bangkok

Mr. Aryz is currently out in Thailand where he, among many others, have been crushing it for the Bukruk Street Art Festival. This time around, the Spanish muralist painted a beautiful new piece of bicycles featuring his signature colour palette and style.


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Walk Bump – Fist Bump to Cross

Art director Alfredo Adan has taken his creative vision to the streets by creating Walk Bump. Walk Bump is essentially a recreated cross walk button that you fist bump before you cross instead of pressing a button. It’s only in Los Angeles now as far as we know, but we could definitely give daps before crossing the street up in the 6ix.


[via: citylab]

Urban Calligraphy – Lucid Dream

Simon Silaidis is a designer, a thinker, a vision-er, a pioneer. He applied his life’s love of calligraphy in the rural, urban and suburban surroundings of Asia and Europe. In this beautifully shot video of Simon entitled “Lucid Dream” it has the artist in his “natural” habitat. Watch the video and see pictures after the jump.

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