C.J Hungerman – Visual Riot

C.J Hungerman is a fine artist who creates vibrant and eclectic painting work. Here is what the artist says about his artistic practice:

“I call my art Visual Riot. It is composed of patterned, kinetic, color chaos. The personal icons I create represent humans, human emotions, and their interaction. The layers, shapes, and color choices evolve into an electrified, surreal landscape that engages the viewer with new optic riddles each time the art is explored.

My studio is an old space void of ventilation, windows, heat, or air conditioning. I know that the extremes of my creative environment have a major influence on the direction of my art. The isolation and darkness of my studio has bound me to be as bright as possible in my art, with harmony and dissonance being constant companions.”


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Kristen Liu-Wong – Various Paintings

Kristen Liu-Wong is a Los Angeles-based artist from San Francisco who creates painting and illustration work. Liu-Wong studied Illustration at Pratt Institute and uses a brilliant vibrant colour palette with erotic and surreal subject matter.


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Clark Goolsby – Various Paintings

Clark Goolsby is a California born fine artist who received his BFA from the University of California, San Diego in 2002 and has been exhibiting extensively ever since. The now Brooklyn based painter creates brilliant abstract painting and illustration works that bright, bold and vibrant.

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Richard Colman – “Faces, Figures, Places, and Things,” @ Chandran Gallery

Richard Colman has a new show titled “Faces, Figures, Places, and Things” currently on display at Chandran Gallery in San Francisco. Colman’s new body of work utilizes vast amount of brilliant pastel colours and explores the human body in surreal situations in a minimalistic aesthetic. If you’re in San Francisco be sure to check this out!

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