Logan Hicks – Story of my Life

Artist Logan Hicks recently has been working away at the infamous Houston & Bowery wall in New York City, where he painted an incredible new stencil piece entitled “Story of my Life.” The piece features his signature stencil style and features a number of important figures in his life such as Martha Cooper, Chris Stain, Sara & Marc Schiller of the Wooster Collective, Rosie Perez, Elbow Toe, Joe Iurato, The London Police, and Lori Zimmer.


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Kiss x John Kaye – Cairns Alleyway

Graffiti artists Kiss and John Kaye recently headed over to the city of Cairns, Australia to collaborate on a mural at the Paint and Skate Alleyway. Beyond their work, the alleyway was also surrounded by youth and other graffiti art fans who were painting alongside the duo. Watch the video after the jump!

Screen shot 2015-05-12 at 4.10.25 PM

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Aryz – Mural @ We Aart in Denmark

Barcelona based graffiti artist ARYZ is currently in Denmark for the We Aart Festival and he finished his first mural on the streets of Aalborg. In his classic large-scale figure content with a little bit more refined character the mural shines bright, big and beautiful.

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Joe Iurato x Rubin – Collaboration in New York City

Recent BBB interviewee RUBIN415 recently hooked up with Joe Iurato to work on a new collaboration for the Welling Court Mural Project in New York City. The duo each used their unique style to create a brilliant mural in Queens.

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REVOK x POSE – Houston/Bowery Wall

“It took 80 hours and seven humid, sticky days and nights to complete, longer than it took God to make Heaven and Earth, according to scriptures. But the powerful transformation of the famed Houston street wall [by REVOK and POSE] that took place last week had as profound an effect on many New York fans of street art and Graffiti as the melting of the North and South poles. And that was probably intentional.” – Huffington Post

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