Rone – New Mural for Nashville Walls Project

Mural artist Rone recently made his way out to Tennessee where he painted a stunning new mural for the Nashville Walls Project. The Aussie mural worked away high above the street level and created a glorious new portrait piece on the streets of Nashville.


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Anthony Lister – New Mural at Wynwood Walls

Notorious Australian artist Anthony Lister recently got busy at Wynwood Walls in Miami using his recognizable loose style. The controversial artist took advantage of the lengthy wall to paint displaying a lady on her side overlaid with some of his signature frames.

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Case Maclaim – Mural at Wynwood Walls for Art Basel 2014

The one and only Case Maclaim is currently in Miami for Art Basel 2014 and as you would think, the man is out there crushing it. In this new mural piece at Wynwood Walls the photorealist painter did some of his classic handiwork with spray paint making the mural look hyperrealistic and jump out at the viewer.

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DAZE – Wynwood Walls 2012

Graffiti legend DAZE participated in creating a mural this past year in Miami for Wynwood Walls. this is what he had to say about the piece: “dealt with the issue that our cities are not as protected as we think they are. The Hurricane Sandy disaster was looming in the back of my mind as I painted a scene of oncoming storm clouds that are rushing towards the city. In my vision the city is however protected by a force field. The entire scene is overlooked by a woman’s dream like eyes.”