Johnny Abrahams – Black & White Illusions

Johnny Abrahams born in 1979 in Tacoma, WA, is an artist who creates trippy and mind bending painting with the bare essentials of black and white. He has been exhibiting all over the United States and currently lives and works in New York.

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Jared Rosenbaum – Noah

Jared S. Rosenbaum is an emerging photographer from Toronto, Canada. Jared’s work is focused on portraiture, however, incorporates the candid elements of style he has developed through his regular practice of street photography. He is available for personal potrait commissions, commercial work, and documentary-style snapshot photography.



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Scott Fuller x Makerhaus – Circle of Influence

Circles of Influence – Mural at Makerhaus Seattle 2013. Art by Scott Fuller. The Circles of Influence mural was painted at Makerhaus, a membership based creative workshop designed to empower makers of all sorts. When Makerhaus approached me to do a painting in there common space my initial thought was to highlight working hands. The idea evolved from the individual working hands to highlighting the community that comes from working in a collaborative environment. Video after the jump!



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Sonia Marpez – Surreal Photography

Sonia Marpez is a photographer who’s work, though generally in black and white, ranges in subject matter. A lot fo very erie portraits and landscapes, however, we thought her surreal photography is absolutely brilliant in particular. Definitely go and check out her blog and her publication.

Screen shot 2013-03-19 at 2.36.27 PM


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DZO Olivier – Meticulous Drawing

“Born in a family environment conducive to graphic arts, the Graduate School of Fine Arts in Toulouse coming validate my vocation after 5 years of study. Attracted by all forms of artistic expression, it is first as a graphic designer I learns the techniques of image creation with a predilection for drawing and generally for anything that does not depend digital Design. The discovery of interactive pen displays however, offers me new horizons and now I do not impose any constraint in terms of pictures conception. Mixing styles and techniques is my way.” – DZO

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