Johnie Thornton – New Works

Los Angeles based visual artist Johnie Thornton recently unveiled a number of brilliant new portrait and mixed media works for various upcoming group shows on his Instagram. More images after the jump.


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Gary Mellon – Various Sculptures

Gary Mellon is a Brooklyn based fine artist who’s body of work are made of wood and hand carved. He says that the sculptures themselves “grow out of little sketchbook drawings” and feature many different aesthetic aspects such as busts, portraiture and nautical elements.


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Janusz Grünspek – Drawings in Space

Fine artist Janusz Grünspek creates incredible sculptures of everyday objects using merely wood and expert craftsmanship. The Polish artist, strips the subject matter down to its bare bones in a series entailed “Drawings in Space” to resemble just a contour drawing.


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Victoria Wagner – Woodrocks

Victoria Wagner is a multidisciplinary artist holding both a BFA and MFA and has exhibited extensively over California and the United States. In Wagner’s brilliant series entitled “Woodrocks”, she paints beautiful and vibrant geometric patterns on reclaimed pieces of wood to make the piece resemble a large gemstone and transform the way we think about everyday materials.


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Sean Newport – Various Works

Sean Newport is a San Francisco based artist whose work varies from design to sculpture. Sean was a original creators of Engine Works, an artist collective founded in 2010 in San Francisco’s historic Mission district. Working primarily as a woodworker, Sean has honed his skills as a carpenter to fine artist over the past 5 years. Conceptually, his sculptures deal with perceived notions of reality and the idea of creating a digital aesthetic through analogue processes. To achieve this, Sean manipulates wood into three-dimensional shapes, then paints and arranges them into a vibration of glowing patterns, the result is a mesmerizing display of geometric design.


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