Rich McCor – Paperboyo

Rich McCor is a photographer who travels the world creating brilliant images of landmarks adding his own twist by using cutout paper characters. From turning the Arc de Triomphe into a LEGO man and the Little Mermaid statue to a selfie taker, McCor’s work effortlessly intertwines humour and photograph beauty.


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Alessandro Rabatti – Facebank

‘Facebank’ is a project by Alessandro Rabatti which combines icons of the world economy with icons of the comic world, born from the necessity to give a face to a faceless power that is more and more characterized by a disarming loss of faith from the general public. By reworking selected parts and details of the dollar bill, pound sterling and Yuan/Renminbi banknotes, a series of alternated figures come to life which aim to reflect and convey the symbolic value of money and inspire thoughts about the current economic crisis.

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Google – Street Art Project

Google today has released their Street Art Project which allows urban art lovers to immerse themselves in the culture through Google’s impressive panoramic cameras. As stated in their own words: “Starting today, you can immerse yourself in a world of prowling foxes on lonely walls, supernatural symbolism, murals on a grand scale, tiny hard-to-spot icons, or trompe l’oeil techniques that use physical details of the wall itself to trick the eye.”

Screen shot 2014-06-12 at 9.32.26 PM


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Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida – Minimiam

Photographers Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida have created a series of humorous dioramas that depict miniature people going about daily activities in an world made up of edible ojects. The project entitled MINIMIAM, which is a play on words that marries miniature and “yummy.” The project has been ongoing since 2002 and was inspired by the married couple’s profession as commercial food photographers.

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Iori Tomita – New World Transparent Specimens

Iori Tomita is fisherman-turned-artist in Yokohama City, Japan. Tomita creates magnificent pieces of art using the skeletons of various dead aquatic species, which he preserves and then colors with bright shades of dye.

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