Knockaround x Pow Wow Hawaii 2013

Knockaround, which is a sunglasses company based in San Diego went of to Kaka’ako to be a part of Pow Wow Hawaii festival this year and they immersed themselves fully in the action by roaming around documenting the event.

Pow Wow Hawaii – Kickstarter Campaign

As you can tell, we here at BBB love Pow Wow Hawaii and what it’s doing for the street/graffiti art scene not only in Hawaii, but around the world. The vision they have is simple and not unlike the one we have here. Try and make our passion accessible to as many people as possible. Pow Wow Hawaii is asking for your time and consideration to donate to their Kickstarter Campaign. It’s not only a gracious thing to donate but it will be valuable to all art lovers in so many ways. Watch the video about their campaign HERE and after the jump we’ll post a number of videos from previous documentations of Pow Wow.

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ROID x Madsteez – Pow Wow Hawaii

As you probably know, The Pow Wow Hawaii Festival has happened and brings together an absurd amount of talent from all over, much like Art Basel. Here we have a video of two of the most important street/graffiti artists working today. ROID MSK and Madsteez.