Álvaro Franca – Typewritten Portraits

Brazilian artist Álvaro Franca needs only his typewriter to create portraits of his favorite authors. In a series titled ‘Typewritten Portraits’, Franca created portraits of a number of his favorite authors, including Jack Kerouac, J.D. Salinger, and Charles Bukowski. Each portrait is finely crafted and composes merely letters in their various sizes.

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Mass Appeal – NYC Box Truck

In a new video series entitled “NYC Box Truck”, Mass Appeal, in association with NIKE, takes an in depth look at New York City graffiti artists and their upbringing. The artists are follow around by Will Robson-Scott, who splices in fantastic footage of them painting Box Trucks while discussing growing up. Watch a number of videos after the jump!


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Writers Madrid – “Cities On Film” Chapter 5 [Milan]

Writers Madrid is back with the fifth instalment of their online graffiti series, “Cities on Film”. The Spanish writers take us to Milan, Italy for pizza, pasta, and destruction. Chapter 5 of the graffiti diary includes a whole lot of subway system action such as back jumps, tunnels, and metro runners.