Deih XLF – New Mural in Berlin, Germany

Mural artist Deih XLF recently made his way out to Germany where he painted a new piece for the people over at Urban Nation Berlin. The Spanish muralist’s new piece is entitled “Don’t Wake the Dreamer” and features his signature comic book inspired graphic style.


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Deih XLF – New Mural in Belarus

Deih XLF recently made his way out to Belarus to crush another gigantic wall for the Urban Myths Project. The mural artist went sky high and implement his incredible painting techniques to depict the mythical God Yarylo pulling up the Sun from the darkness of the universe to create life on Earth.


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Deih XLF – Zombie Series

Street artist Deih XLF recently completed some new work in his hometown of Valencia. One of the pieces with features a zombie version of one of his famous characters with the words “Viva Mola!” on top which roughly translates to “Living Rocks!” The piece also has “Zombie Series” scrawled next to it, which means we can only assume it’s one of many more to come.


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Deih XLF – Santo Antão

Spanish painter Deih is currently in Cape Verde where he was invited by the Sete Sois Sete Luas Street Art Festival to paint a new piece on the streets of Santo Antão. With help from his assistant DJO the two created a giant illustrative piece that hold an immense amount of detail within the line work.

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