Jarus – New Mural in Penang, Malaysia

Our friend Jarus has been recently trotting the globe painting stunning gigantic murals. One of his recent completions comes from Malaysia, where the Canadian artist painted a large scale young woman on her phone. The piece features his brilliant rendering technique with extra expressionist flare.


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Jarus – New Mural in Gothenburg

Aerosol artist Jarus recently made his way out to Sweden to paint a gigantic piece for the Artscape Festival in Gothenburg. The globetrotting muralist went sky high to paint a stunning photorealistic piece of a woman tying her hair.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 8.54.01 AM

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Jarus – Mural for Art Basel Miami 2015

Our man Jarus recently completed a massive new wall in Florida for this year’s Art Basel Miami. The Canadian born muralist painted another stunning realistic portrait of a young boy staring into space that spans a number of stories high. We’re stoked to finally see the finished piece.


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Jarus – New Mural in Detroit for Murals in the Market

We had a chance to head out to the Murals in the Market Festival last weekend, where we caught up with a number of incredible artists as well as the good people running the show. One of which, Jarus, was out there getting busy both creating his own work and helping out others.

In his latest mural, the Canadian born muralist painted another realistic aerosol portrait of a Detroit personality by the name of Willie “Bones” Hawkins. More posts from the festival on its way this week.


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